Tuesday, January 11

A Job I Really Don't Like

I love my kids and taking care of them when they're sick is not something that stresses me out. However, I think every parent has a kid-related job that they really wish someone would handle. For me, it's picking up used tissues.
Under normal circumstances, of course, they have to do it themselves but when you're sick and just lying in one place for hours, things can pile up. Yes, I wash my hands right after and all but I just can't stand it; I'd rather deal with a puking kid than pick up dirty tissues. What makes it worse is when the sickly one moves from bed to couch and back, it just seems piles of yuk are everywhere.
During a recent bout of sickness, I grabbed a paper sack and set it by the couch as a disposable and portable trash can. I was so glad to discover that the stricken child actually used it and moved it from room-to-room. Woohoo!!
Maybe it's a silly problem and it's hardly an ingenious solution but when something works, it works.

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  1. Our thing has been dirty diapers for the past three years. Clark came in the house yesterday and said "Well, that is it." I asked what and he said "I took out the last of the trash and that is the last of the wet diapers, ever." We are excited that Abbey is potty trained, but now I guess we will move on to something else, like used tissue. Ahh, parenting!