Thursday, April 21

Homemade Cream Cheese and Whey

We buy two gallons of raw milk each week. Most of it is either drunk or used for baking but I've struggled with what to do with the leftovers. It's such a wonderful, nourishing food that I can't bear to throw it out once the fresh, sweet milk comes in the house. 

So...I'm learning to make some things with the surplus. This week it was cream cheese and whey. 

I put a half gallon of milk in a clean glass
jar and left it on the counter until it separated
as pictured above. (This took 4 days.)
Then, I poured the contents into a towel-lined strainer to let
the whey drain out. After 10 hours, I gathered and tied the
towel and hung it suspended over a pitcher for another
6 hours.
The result was...

...whey which will be used for
lacto-fermented veggies and other recipes... 
...and almost three cups of delicious cream
Yes, we are having bagels for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe even for after-school snack today!

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  1. Good job Renee'... keep doing healthy stuff.