Tuesday, April 26

House Update: Root Cellar

Our house project is nearing its official completion. The only thing remaining is having concrete poured to expand our parking area and extend the sidewalk.

Now that things are starting to feel a bit more put together around here, it's time to post some pics, don't you think?

As I've mentioned before our root cellar is my little gem. My dad brought a load of old barn wood up and he and Sam cut the boards to fit the shelves. 

Winter squash, onions and sweet potatoes keep
very well. At right, you can see the wireless
thermometer my parents gave me. The readout
is in my kitchen so I always know what the temp
is down there.
My reserves are getting very low. I have a lone jar of tomatoes
remaining. I will can a LOT more this season!

The key to preserving foods in the cellar is constant temperature and humidity. The humidity nearly takes care of itself. We control the temperature with:
  • well-insulated interior walls
  • a exterior-grade door to the interior of the house
  • lack of heating/air-conditioning the surrounding rooms
  • two exterior vents to release hot air and admit cooler air when the temps get too high
This is the upper vent.
The lower one has a water line running
through it for reasons that aren't interesting
at all. I wish it looked clean like the top one
but, hey, it does the job. 
Any thoughts? Anyone grow up with a below grade room for food storage?

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