Sunday, March 27

Purple Hull Peas

Our winter CSA shares this year often included purple hull peas. I've never eaten or prepared them before and I've just been lazy in not dealing with them.

I finally Googled for recipes and found not just recipes but an entire website dedicated to purple peas -- a dance, pageant, parade, and even tiller races -- wow.

In the end, I used this recipe, omitting the pork. They were a hit all the way around, with the kids going back for seconds and thirds. Good thing I have a lot more in the freezer.


  1. Renee',
    Mama used to fix them for us all the time. Glad you found a good recipe. They really are good. were called purple hull crowder peas down home.

  2. Dad, I've been wondering if these were the same as crowder peas. Now I know! :)

  3. Used to pick these with my Grandma and Grandpa Hays out of their huge garden then sit and shell them out of a big metal bowl until my fingers were completely purple. I can still hear the tink, tink, tink, of the peas as they hit the bowl and how great they were with cornbread.