Friday, March 25

Starting Seeds

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This year, I've enlisted the help of a cute little tool called the Pot Maker. It allows you to reuse newspapers to make perfectly sized seed-starting pots. This has been extremely useful to me as I currently have over two hundred seeds sprouting. Once they're ready to go into the ground, I'll just plant the whole thing to eliminate the risk of damaging fragile root systems. 


  1. That's so cool! I also just read that you can use egg shells for that. You just have to bake them first, but then you plant the whole thing.

  2. Super rad! I heard the same thing about egg shells....but never thought about how it's way better on the root systems! Too bad my thumbs are both totally black. I'm debating tomatoes this season. But I'm not sure I can take killing any more plants!

  3. How cute! I would buy these except I tend to get way more excited about DOODADS associated with my projects than with the projects themselves.... Call it a character flaw.