Tuesday, June 7

Lessons In Grace

What was I thinking??

All I wanted was for the garden to be watered. I should have known, though, that...

One hose + three kids = the mother of all screaming fights.

And I may not have helped matters when I suggested that one person be in charge of the watering and two be look-outs for snakes (due to my recent run-in with a copperhead while weeding). I was completely kidding, of course...just trying to give the girls something to do other than take turns storming into the house proclaiming that all the injustice in the universe had just been heaped on their respective heads.

Of course, my annoyed reaction and threats of lost privileges were less than shining moments of motherhood. So I called them to the kitchen and asked them to define grace. They did and were relieved that they could watch the program they had planned on. They were further surprised that I had made a new treat for them...chocolate milk syrup. It's been ages since we've had that in the house so a treat it was.

Sometimes big lessons come in simple gestures, right?

•   •   •

In other news, I finally got around to bottling my vanilla extract. It's really got me in the mood to bake!

Like the antique tatting 'scarf'? C's grandmother made it years
and years ago. His dad had a big bag of it that he was going to
throw out. Luckily, I grabbed it first!

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