Friday, June 24

Local Food

We've made some new friends this year who grow their produce much closer to home than many of the sellers at the farmers' market. I love that I can order produce mid-week and pick it up at the farm (which ensures a continual supply of freshly made salsa!)

The girls and I drove over yesterday to pick up our order. We enjoyed chatting with Will and Keli who offered to let us drive around the farm. Well...I wasn't going to let such a generous offer pass me by. :)

We hopped in the car to drive to the back and T remarked, "Mommy, this is YOUR kind of field trip!"

Well, um, yes.

The back of the property meets a river so the girls waded in a bit (though not nearly as far as T wanted). We watched schools of tadpoles dashing about and, overall, just enjoyed a few peaceful moments in the middle of the day. We saw the garden but never even actually made it over there.

Maybe next time...

It seems that finding wholesome, local food gets easier every year. If you're not on the bandwagon yet, come on! It's more fun and rewarding than you can imagine. Knowing the people who labor to grow your food feels right in a way the past generation or two has largely never known.

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  1. Isn't it so peaceful to spend time on a farm? I love walking around and seeing all the wonderful things. The foods not bad either. :) I'm glad you enjoyed your new find.