Monday, June 6

This Week's Meal Plan

A telltale sign of seasonal eating is repetition. It's a necessity, really. If you find something you love, you better have it as often as you want because veggies come and go all too quickly!

This week's trip to the market yielded a nice surprise - garlic scapes! I discovered them last year and, due to house construction, wasn't able to put in my own garlic bed in the fall to ensure my supply.

I was quite afraid I had missed them at the market so I did a little happy dance when I saw a basketful at Bug Tussle Farm's table.

Anyway, on to my meal plan. My apologies for the repeats but they're winners in our house. When nourishing meals are enthusiastically received, this mom isn't too proud to hit 'repeat'.

Radish Top Soup
Carrot Top Soup
Pea Soup (I made a double batch of this yesterday for a few days' worth of easy lunches.)
Black Bean-Corn Nachos (This recipe (my favorite last week!) is my own. Of course, I didn't measure what I put in. I'll post the recipe after I make it again.)
Veggie Omelettes (mushrooms, peppers, spinach and cheese) with Hashbrowns
Cabbage Rolls on Carrie's recommendation
Pizza (with mushrooms and garlic scape pesto)

Other planned baking...
Brown Sugar Cookies (at the kids' request)
Honey-Oat Pan Rolls (to accompany all the soups)
and maybe I'll try my hand at some homemade pita bread to snack on with the pesto...

Note: Find my recipes here.

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