Tuesday, May 4

Flooding, Day Four

I took this photo of the Harpeth River, although, if you're not familiar with it's normal flow, it might not be so astonishing but the water is nearly touching the underside of the bridge. The concrete where the bridge meets the road is so eroded I cringe driving over it.

The kids and I took our remaining family members to the airport this morning. I can only imagine how happy they are to leave Nashville. I just heard from an aunt and uncle who were evacuated from the Opryland Hotel over the weekend; they are one flight into their trip home.

We stopped by the church building on the way home to see if there was any way we could help. Right now, it seems I can best be used by doing laundry and offering to let people shower here since thousands are without water or under usage restrictions.

I have to laugh at the irony that a) I love doing laundry and b) I have a huge bucket of homemade detergent that I thought would be sitting around for months.

Any prayers you can offer for our communities are greatly appreciated.

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