Friday, May 28

Summer CSA - Week 4

The only new thing we received this week is a different variety of lettuce. I'm not too educated on types of lettuces but it's green and yummy.

One month into our first CSA summer, I'm thankful to have learned so much. Last year, I read Carrie's CSA posts with feelings of great curiosity and possibly greater intimidation. I didn't know what a lot of it was and wasn't sure how she ever used those things! Would my gang even eat it???

As it turned out, though, I've found delicious and healthful uses for things I've never purchased before (kohlrabi, beets, kale, radishes) and discovered that I should throw out my opinions of what my kids will and won't eat. I told you yesterday about the radish green soup but not about the broccoli stalks (the florets were cut off for snacking/lunches) I steamed for myself because I couldn't bear to toss them out. Little did I know that everyone would eat stalks-only. Awesome!


  1. seriously? you guys are snacking on broccoli stalks? impressive. i can't believe i haven't signed up yet. your picture makes me want to sign up today!

    although i don't envy those radishes.

  2. oh no, i don't think anyone but me would do that. i lightly steamed them and that's when the kids jumped at them. :)

    yeah, if it weren't for chuck, i don't know what i'd do with the radish roots. your gang would LOVE the radish top soup, though!!