Thursday, May 27

Good Eatin'!!

Life has seemed almost normal this week. What's been really odd about school ending a whole month early is just the sense of waiting. Waiting to hear about how grades will be determined, waiting to hear about field days and awards ceremonies and waiting until friends are finished with school has made May a month of uncertainty.

We finished all that up this week, though, and now we can really relax into our summer. We've already been to the library a few times, had garden-hose water fights and had lazy mornings which stretched into lazy days. Maybe a month-long warmup to summer is just what we needed!

For me, normalcy means hours in the kitchen and, boy, has this week been fun!

I made hummus which we all love and is a great alternative to dressings and dips for fresh veggies. It's also a wonderful spread on sandwiches.

Put three cups of cooked and drained chickpeas in the food processor. Using a garlic press, add garlic to taste. (I use 5-6 cloves for a moderate 'garlic-ness' but if it's just for our family, I'll add a few more.) Turn on the processor and slowly pour in one cup of extra-virgin olive oil and process until smooth and creamy. 

Other highly-recommended things we've enjoyed this week:
Pork Blade Steaks with green onions, oven-roasted beets, Green Onion Hash Browns  and  Radish Top Soup which I originally made for C's lunches. It uses the radish greens which I thought the kids might balk at. I was completely wrong. They love it! Of course, with ingredients like homemade chicken stock and raw heavy cream, what's not to like?

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