Thursday, May 20


Today is my mom's birthday. The kids and I (along with my sister, her youngest and my brother's two little ones) took her and Dad to the mountain where she was born. We had a picnic overlooking the valley.

I wanted to do something different to celebrate with her and I can't express how much fun we all had. The weather couldn't have been more perfect if we had sent God a special request.

It was all so simple -- egg salad, veggies and fruit on a few blankets followed by swinging the kids (even the big ones!) in a blanket and Mom's favorite schoolyard game, Red Rover -- but almost magical, as we were on top of the world and time stood still just for us. The unfortunately reality was, though, that the time absolutely flew by. I was so sorry when it was time to leave.

We've all promised to do it again very soon and I'm determined to make it happen. Nothing I could have done today would have meant more than celebrating the birth of the person who loved me first and, even now, loves me more than anyone else. (No offense, Dad and hubby but I'm a mommy too so I know the deal...) :)

Thank you, Mom, for being who you are. You are beautiful, talented, generous and have more imagination than most kids I know!

(NOTE: The above photo was not taken today. It's just one I love. My sis has a fancy-schmancy new camera so I let her take all the pics. I didn't feel like slumming with the point-and-shoot one I brought!)


  1. It was a wonderful idea! Thanks again! We had a great time as well, and the boys can't wait for us to do it again when school gets out.
    Oh, and I don't even know how to use my camera yet, but either way, you're not slumming it!!

  2. It was my favorite birthday party yet! Renee even taught Katie Belle to say "'appy epqox-day"! Miss my Avery and Brady and can't wait to picnic again!

  3. cute picture! thanks for the recap. sounds like a fun day.