Tuesday, May 4

What A Weekend

We have had a very full weekend -- full of joy and laughter as well as full of heartache and destruction.

The middle of last week we had a lot of family from all across the country arrive for a 5-day reunion. Some incredible memories were made and I'll definitely have to share those with you later. 

However, Saturday brought incredibly heavy rains to the Nashville area. It started around midnight Friday and stopped maybe twice before Sunday night. Saturday morning, we had brunch at the Opryland Hotel which looked like this less than 48 hours later. 

Sunday morning, I found out via text that one of my dearest friends had seen her car float away and had knee-deep water in the first floor of her condo. By mid-day the water was waist-high and by the time they were rescued that evening, it was chest-high. When the water recedes, we'll go back to see if anything can be salvaged. 

A few houses in a nearby community floated away and one school was almost completely submerged. Water services have now been shut-off as the water isn't safe to use. I haven't heard of anyone who lost their home who actually had flood insurance. So many will be truly starting over.

I have been so surprised at how emotionally exhausting this has been and, really, I haven't endured anything more than one day without power and water. I can only imagine how those with real issues feel.

Not a good post, I know. There is just too much to process right now...

(photo: tennessean.com)

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  1. Renee, I cannot even begin to imagine what everyone there is dealing with. It is painful to watch so many lose so much, and even more so when you know those affected. Let us know if we can help from here. Until then, we'll keep praying.