Tuesday, May 18


These days, I drive through way too many neighborhoods which look like this. In open spaces and lining both sides of the road, there are piles and piles of the things that made houses homes. Furniture, appliances, cabinets, drywall, carpet...it's really overwhelming and depressing.

If you've ever wondered what happens to all that, here's the answer. Below is a shot of a local park where the debris is being trucked. From here larger trucks transport it to landfills.

It was hard to capture the enormity of these hills of trash, but if it helps, the white rectangular object to the lower right of the tree is a refrigerator. There were several hills of the same size behind these.

I've been a negligent blogger, I know. Every day last week, I promised myself I'd write. But, somehow, the emotions seemed too daunting. Writing is such a great outlet for me but there was just too much to express and my sorrow was only about the pain others are feeling. I guess I'd be a true wreck if I'd lost my own home.

So, as much as I struggle with moving on with the lighter side of life while others face inconceivable losses, my being overwhelmed doesn't help anyone. Life does go on and we're all better off if we exercise our strengths when others are weak.

If you're still checking my blog, thanks! :)


  1. Continuing on after every trial of life is what God asks of us. We must believe to the point that we know that better times are ahead and that we are never left alone. You have been such a strong worker in this nightmare that now you are not sure which way to turn. Turn to your family and know that it is okay to have some fun. You are loved beyond belief.

  2. I am sorry that your heart is heavy. Our family continues to pray for you and all those affected by this terrible flood. You are a wonderful, caring person, and that, my friend, is a burden you carry most gracefully.

    Glad you are back!