Monday, May 23

Farmer's Market Finds

Broccoli, sprouted lentils, summer sausage, radishes
asparagus, basil, lettuce mix, early peas, raw goat milk
cottage cheese and strawberries
Here's my meal plan for this week based on what the girls and I bought. I'm adding a page to my blog as an index for all the recipes I write about. It's going to take a few days to get them all listed but, hopefully, it'll help if something sounds yummy to you!

  • Radish Top Soup with Honey-Oat Rolls (Tessa has been stalking the farmers' tents on Saturdays in anticipation of radishes for this soup!)
  • Black bean and corn fajitas, salad
  • Salad with lentils, toasted baguette with pesto
  • My Random Skillet Supper -- I came up with this Hamburger Helper-style dish one evening when I had little time and no game plan. It's easy to adjust to whatever I have on hand and is a family favorite. The general 'recipe' is a pound of ground beef or chicken, pasta (from our CSA which I'm trying desperately to use up), home-canned tomatoes or tomato juice and my homemade chili or taco seasoning. 
  • Black Bean Burgers on wheat rolls, steamed broccoli
I split a pound of sausage for:
  • Sausage-spinach-swiss omelettes with roasted asparagus 
  • Homemade pizza with sausage and fresh basil
  • Radish Spread sandwiches
  • Honey-Oat Rolls with summer sausage and goat cottage cheese, blanched peas
  • Leftover pizza (which is the kids' favorite lunch!)
  • Egg salad sandwiches
  • Fresh Pea Soup
And, last but not least, this divine dessert...

Strawberry Shortcake with
freshly whipped cream - YUM!

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  1. thanks for sharing and for the great spring recipe ideas!