Wednesday, April 28

As If I Needed More Proof That We're Sisters :)

After the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door this morning, I thought about how much I love our mornings together...except for the leaving part, of course.

I feel so honored to have such a husband who every morning tells me how much he loves me (apparently, he's not looking at my hair or flannel pjs at that moment...) And even though the kids can be a bit hard to drag out of bed and/or the shower, I know I'm going to miss all the craziness so much in the years to come. (I can't even bring myself to end that sentence with 'when they're gone'.)

In the moments when I allow myself to think about the time when the kids have moved away, I feel so lost. What will I do? I mean really, how will I get out of bed? I always come to the same conclusion...nothing will ever fulfill me like the busyness of mothering. I'll have to set my sights on other things to fill my hours and I hope they will always need me to do something for them. I suppose, though, that seeing the kids happily chasing their own dreams will plug the holes in my heart so I don't weep forever.

So, after I got over my little teary moments of panic, I read my sister's blog and found this. And, then, my sister-in-law's and read this which totally proves my point. Oh, great. It's just gonna be one of those half-a-box of tissues kind of days, huh? :)


  1. When I read Libby's blog, the first person I thought of was you. You seem to manage your life with the kids in school, just fine and I'm sure she will do the same next year with Chloe out the door. Just because they are not home, doesn't mean that they don't leave behind things to do, memories to share and love for their mommies, plus they always come home no matter how old they get. Have a wonderful day and know that your kids and Chuck are thinking of you just as much as you are thinking of them.

  2. Renee',
    You and Libby are sisters is really evident by your posts virtually with the same thoughts. Mom is gonna cry (like I did) when she reads all 3 blogs today. There are rewards coming up down the road for you all. They just get a little different, and even better.
    We're proud of all of you Girls!

    Ole Dad

  3. How amazing that all three of you sisters are in the same mind space! All three of you are amazing mothers! You have all worked through major issues: Sam's asthma, Elizabeth's 3 years in Alaska, and Ethan's major allergy issues. I have watched with great interest as you 3 have guided your children thus far through life's mazes. You are all amazing women of many talents and though there will be tears of joy and sadness, your children will "rise up and call you blessed" Pro. 31 as they do everyday in the many ways they honor you. Yes, there will be holes in your heart but there will be some prescious little person who will help plug those holes and renew your life. Sorry for this long post.
    Always in my prayers.

  4. That's crazy that we were thinking the same thing today!!