Friday, July 9

A Day In The Life, Vol 1

Today finds me with my 14 and 12 year-olds in a house that could use some serious post-vacation straightening. After trying music and humor to get them moving, I summoned my most authoritative 'boss' voice. I told them they were 'hired!' for the day and they had five minutes to get dressed, brush their teeth and hair and report to work.

They had all kinds of questions....

  • What?! Oh no! Why!? Ack! That's not fair!! As your very wise father has told you since birth, life's not fair. For anyone. Get over it. Move on.
  • What if we don't want to work? You don't eat.
  • What if we are late? You get fired.
  • What if we don't show up? You get fired.
  • What happens if we get fired? You are hired back at a lower rate of pay.
  • What if my zipper is stuck? You get fined for indecent exposure.
  • What if my co-worker puts stickers in my hair? People will point and laugh. 
  • What if my co-worker won't get out of the bathroom? There a port-a-john outside. Hardly used.
  • But I'm almost done with my book! That's what lunch breaks are for.

Lunch break has rolled around. The house is starting to look great! And the kids are in good moods. Which may or may explain why my son has decided to speak eliminating all vowels from words. The afternoon should be FUN!!

More to follow...

It's now 2 pm. They are finished! Of course, I'm not but they accomplished more than I thought they would. Woo-hoo!

I must share that when it came time to carry trash and giveaway stuff downstairs, E wrinkled her nose at the trash part. I asked if she thought she was too good to carry garbage. Her reply was this, "Well, I am wearing purple, the color of royalty."

A little stank eye took care of that. After all, she may be my princess, but royalty we are not.


  1. love it! i can't wait to do this to my kids...

  2. Love the Q&A. I will definitely file those in my brain for future use!