Wednesday, July 7

Summer CSA - Week 10

We had a great relaxing beach vacation last week with C's high school buddies. We were five families with eighteen kids ranging from 14 years to 2 months...never a dull moment, for sure. We shared a huge house on the beachfront which made things so easy. The kids could run back and forth for water and the restroom and it was easy to station adults to supervise both at the beach and the pool. The men cooked supper every night and handled all the cleanup. I really, really missed being in the kitchen but I know it was a lot easier for the mothers of the younger ones.  I got my fix by making breakfast a few mornings and desserts at night.

Another thing I missed was our CSA delivery. The uncertainty of what we receive is a highlight of my week. Not sure what that says about the excitement factor of my life but oh, well...

This week our share included a sugar baby (I think) watermelon, tomatoes, patty pan squash, summer squash, cucumber, carrots, red potatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, rattlesnake green beans and corn*. Would it be awful if I cooked this all at once for the yummiest feast ever?!? I bought some extras off the truck - two large watermelons, two cantaloupes, three pints of blueberries (one of which I ate half of for dessert--oops) and more cherry tomatoes. I forgot to buy green peppers which have become our new raw veggie of choice and should have bought more cucumbers. Those don't last long around here either.

*If you find a worm munching on the top of your ears of corn, count yourself lucky. Apparently, that's reliable indicator that your food hasn't been sprayed with pesticides. They normally only work their way through the tiny kernels at the top which are hard for us to eat anyway. So, bring on the worms!

NOTE: I'm having issues with transferring photos to my laptop. I'll update with the pic when I get that worked out.

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