Thursday, July 1

Sunscreen Recommendation

Well, we have tried out some new sunscreens lately and have a couple of new favorites.

For waterproof needs, we love Soleo by Avalon Organics. I found it locally at The Turnip Truck. I purchased a few bottles for our beach trip. I'll warn you - it is pricey. One tube was $19.99 but it spreads a lot farther than other lotions we've used. One tube covered four of us for four long days (including reapplications) of swimming in the ocean and pool. If I remember correctly, one bottle of aerosol runs about $8 and never stretched that far which helps justify the price.

Further, it has gotten rave reviews from C and the kids on how it feels. None of the stinging eyes and skin I used to hear complaints about. I have been really pleased with how it holds up in the water but I think it helps that we've put it on 15-20 minutes before getting wet.

The other brand we like is Badger. I actually found this at Publix ($13.99, I think) but they haven't restocked since I bought the two they had. I'm sure there are more reliable sources around. Again, this one feels great and goes a long way. It will hold up during a sweaty run or outdoor work but is definitely not water-resistant, though, which is a big complaint of most 'healthy' sunscreens.

What blocks the sun's harmful rays in both of these products is titanium so you will be 'white' when you put it on (think of a lifeguard's white nose). If that bugs your kids, just keep rubbing it in. If they're like mine, though, eventually they'll say, 'Okay, nevermind, I just wanna go play.' :)

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