Thursday, July 29

Road Trip Food

Our family loves road trips but the highway's readily-available foods can leave us feeling less excited about the adventures ahead. Our favorite road meals and snacks don't require too much prep work but they really save money. Plus, without lots of grease and sugars, keep the drivers alert and happy. 

The cooler is normally stocked with chicken salad (recipe below) or egg salad, hard-boiled eggs, apples, raw veggies and cheese or yogurt. Another bag holds bread and crackers for the chicken salad and almonds. Our Klean Kanteens full of water make it easier to not give in too much to soda requests and keep the car free of a bunch of empty bottles rolling about. 

I learned the hard way that thick paper plates are a must and pre-made sandwiches just aren't worth the complaints of smushes and sogginess. I keep a bag stocked with plates, napkins and utensils so the parent not driving can serve as chef. 

While I'm usually able to pack enough snacks to last the whole trip, the drive back home usually involves a meal or two out and we almost always give into the temptation of milkshakes. Between that and heading to our home sweet home, we're a rolling band of happy campers.

Chicken Salad
(Note: I'm not big on measuring, so these amounts are approximate. Adjust to suit your own taste.)

3 c shredded chicken (I roast mine with thyme, basil, pepper and sage for this recipe.)
1 c halved grapes or chopped apple 
3/4 c chopped celery
1/2 c chopped pecans
1 - 6oz container plain yogurt 
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all but yogurt together. Add yogurt gradually to get the consistency that you prefer. 

Serve as a sandwich, wrap or with crackers. 

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