Thursday, July 8

Gotta Let It Go - A Rant

Today, I'm really frustrated. As I've mentioned before, we are adding on to our house. Our excavator has proven himself to be a dud. It's a shame - I had hoped my intuition about him was wrong. We are weeks and weeks behind and nothing is happening until we find someone to complete the job. Our fence has been disassembled so our dogs are in a little pen. Our yard is a ridiculous mess. I'm going to take the weed-eater to the small patches of grass that remain so I don't feel so ashamed when I look out the windows. The back deck is covered in dying plants that I moved from the garden for regrading. We can't drink our well water due to an excavator mishap; if you've been reading here very long you KNOW how I feel about drinking from plastic bottles - ugh.

So, I think when he shows up to load his equipment, I may just accidentally trip and dump my dead asparagus (a three-year crop) that I could have harvested next spring into the cab of his truck. And gasp with wide-eyed-wonder when he finds a running garden hose stuck in through the window. That or I'll be waiting with my underfed dogs....

So, dear reader, I still hold out hope of posting before and after pics of the lawn and garden beds that I have so carefully planned. And I know that there are people in the world with actual problems of which this is not one and all this will pass and I really, really will forget all about this stress but, today, I'm just ready to give up.

I'll be back to sunshine, butterflies and ain't-life-grand tomorrow. Promise!


  1. HUGE BUMMER! I know how frustrating things like that are.... we had our kitchen redone and it was horrible. We found out we were pregnant (with Eli) about 3 weeks before we picked out all the materials and put our deposit down, and he was born before the job was complete. I could tell you stories, sister! Just remember that it will be so worth it when it's finished!

  2. Hang in there! Some people are just duds... and you can't change that, but someday you'll have your addition and bless his heart, well, he'll still be a dud. I know it doesn't help today, but sunshine and butterflies promised :)

  3. I hope the rest of the renovation goes smoothly! You've had to put up with a lot, and I'm still not sure how you've managed to stay sane! You're so much nicer than me! Love you!

  4. Thanks for the moral support, girls! Sometimes it just helps to vent a little. Thanks for understanding. :)