Monday, August 23

Bye-Bye, Mainstream Healthcare

Well, we're taking the plunge. After looking at how much we spend for health insurance (more than $1000/month) and knowing how little we actually use the benefits, we are dropping the coverage. A major-medical-only policy costs a fraction and even provides some preventative care benefits.

Can you see the cream line? Shake and drink - YUM!
As time goes by, I am more and more convinced that most health problems can be eliminated or diminished by changing our eating habits and the quality of our food. What cannot be helped by dietary changes could likely have been prevented with better nutrition.

One of our biggest concerns about not having traditional health insurance has always been S's asthma. After several months of drinking raw milk, though, his dependence on his maintenance medications is almost nil. (We do keep them on hand in case he sleeps over with a friend with indoor pets and for allergy season.) This wouldn't be at all possible if he were younger and less able to communicate about his breathing, so we are very thankful for the opportunity to wean him off Western medicines.

Another note on raw milk -- we have discovered that three ounces of raw milk is both a powerful pre-workout snack and the perfect recovery aid. I'm not sure why that is but I would guess it's the ratio of protein and carbs as well as it being a 'living' food makes the nutrients more available as well.


  1. wow - what a big step!!! that's awesome that the milk is helping so much with sam's asthma.

  2. yay sam! i've noticed a huge difference in my allergies since i started reading labels/buying local/eating grass fed, too. i second your belief that much of true health-care starts with eating habits.