Thursday, August 26

Great Guides for Parents

Every parent knows the uncomfortable feelings of indecision when a child wants to read a book or watch a movie or TV show that you haven't read or seen yourself, especially when the child is feeling pressure from friends. There are two great sites that I use to maintain a good balance between our family's values and cultural and peer pressures. 

Common Sense Media covers all types of media -- books, movies, TV, video games, apps and more. You can find both objective and subjective information. It's rating system covers messages, violence, sex, language, consumerism and drinking, drugs & smoking. Any time I'm told a show is appropriate for my kids, I'll check it out here. If there is something I object to, I still may let them watch it but at least I'm able to talk with them afterward and provide balance with our beliefs. To me, those discussions are the foundation of teaching them how to make good decisions in the difficult, high-pressure situations that lie ahead for them.

The Internet Movie Database covers film and TV episodes. This one is less parent-oriented but it does have  notes for parents and stresses that its reviews be factual and not generalize with comments like 'not too much violence.' Like CSM, it provides great details so that you can determine if 'potty language' is okay but stronger four-letter words are not or how prevalent kissing scenes are.

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  1. Have you heard of It is run by Focus on the Family, and they review games, movies & music. With movies, they are meticulous to include anything possibly objectionable: a drink of wine, an immodest dress, just anything. I am never surprised by what we see and can prepare us if necessary for what we might run into. A lot of times we decide in the name of entertainment it just isn't really worth it, and so it saves us money too!!