Friday, August 6

I'm Thinking Maybe Not

We are having water issues again. The word (over the phone) from our well company guy was that it was safe to drink and use for cooking. Maybe he should come out and see it first. What do you think? I know what I think and you can bet your buttons that my 'babies' won't be ingesting a drop!

No explanation yet as to how dirt is getting into our in-ground tank but it really puts a damper on cooking, bathing and cleaning around here. The toilets look especially they've never been flushed.

I'm usually of the mindset that we'll look back and laugh on most troubles. Can't wait to get this particular one far enough behind me to do so!


  1. Yuck! You should invite the people from the well company over for a refreshing drink of water.
    I hope it gets resolved quickly.

  2. Totally agree... well guys ought to have to drink some of it!!! Not any of y'all.