Monday, August 16

Coming Clean...

Well, over the weekend, I was bellyaching to my long-suffering husband about our water woes since our faucets' output is still not suitable for drinking and cooking. Then, a strikingly novel thought occurred to me...what if I just Let. It. Go???

I mean, even I am tired of fretting over the delays and inconveniences we've encountered so far, so I know that everyone else is tired of hearing it.

Soooooo.....I hereby proclaim that last week will now officially be known as 'Week One' of construction. Bygones be gone already!

This week we are scheduled to have a new water tank installed, have the slab poured for the workshop/root cellar and receive our first order of lumber. Framing and land clearing may begin as well.

So, cue that incessant 80s hit, 'New Attitude' and check out last week's progress!


  1. Thanks - I always am looking for something to use okra for besides frying. Does this work if the okra has been frozen or do you know? I have a bunch of okra frozen but only know to fry it or add it to soup!!!

  2. I'm not sure about frozen okra. To be honest, I'd never cooked okra before so I'm a definite newbie! :)