Wednesday, April 7

CSA Delivery #10 - Last One!

There's nothing like getting boxes of farm-fresh food to brighten my day. This, the last delivery of the winter season, was something I'd been looking forward to. Why? Well, last week's email from the farm mentioned sweet potatoes and greens, so I've been craving them ever since. Especially those sweet potatoes...yum!!

In our boxes, we got...
Chicken breasts, beef - chuck steaks, top sirloin, pork - chops, blade steaks, bacon; eggs, whole wheat bread, whole wheat fettucini, green beans, corn, stewed tomatoes, corn, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, brownies, coconut and molassas cookies, french bread and, last but not least, the aforementioned rapini and sweet potatoes.

I'm cooking my last four quarts of tomatoes for sauce for spaghetti and lasagna which will have the rapini in it. We'll butter up that french bread real nice and sit down to share the news of the day! :)

The Summer CSA program starts May 2nd. Stay tuned!

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