Friday, April 23

Real Milk

At l-o-n-g last, I have found a source from which I can regularly purchase raw milk. My first delivery is tomorrow!!!

I have been interested in real milk for over a year. We've purchased it once in hopes that that source could be a regular one but it didn't work out. Let me just tell you, though, that was the BEST tasting milk!! (And I haven't been a milk-drinker in years.)

There is also evidence, both anecdotal and from the medical community (most notably the Mayo clinic), that consumption of raw milk can relive asthmatics of their symptoms. I won't say 'cure' because symptoms can return upon cessation of drinking real milk. Our son has asthma which is very well-controlled by two maintenance medications but I really don't like the Western medicine option especially when there is something else I can try. Thankfully, he is old enough to understand what and why we're trying this and can communicate how he feels during the transition.

There are two legal ways to buy raw milk in Tennessee. One is to buy 'pet milk' which is labeled 'For pet use only. Not for human consumption'. The other is to purchase a share in a farmer's cow, pay him to milk it and receive milk from 'your' cow. Neither one is complicated on the surface but farmers are busy and, of course, not near the city. So, most of the meet-up points are an hour or more away. Many join co-ops where members take turns driving to pick up milk for the group.

Until now, I just haven't found a co-op or source that I could commit to and didn't have a months-long waiting list. The best option was to drive two hours every Thursday after school. In theory, it's worth that to get my son off these drugs but, in reality, that would be hard on both the kids and me.

Earlier this week, I looked at my options with fresh eyes and discovered something I missed before -- a dairy that delivers to 'host homes' one of which is about 15 minutes away. Woohooo!!

During the ordering process, I asked about the cream content and was told it's about 25% right now. WOW! Yay for spring milk!!

Pardon me while I daydream of homemade butter, buttermilk, fresh berries and cream....


  1. When I was little, we used to get our milk from a neighbor.... I will always remember watching Mom take one of her old measuring cups to take the cream off the top..... you brought back great memories!! By the way.... how do I look into getting fresh milk for us?

  2. You can find a list of sources at There's a wealth of info there. Let me know if you have trouble navigating. :)