Wednesday, April 21


I have kefir grains available if any local (Middle TN) readers are interested in making this wonderful beverage.
I really can't say enough about the benefits. I drink a small glass at night mixed 1:1 with grape juice. It has helped me fall asleep faster which was the reason I tried it in the first place, but I have also noticed that my complexion has improved. Who doesn't love that? :)


  1. I would love to try it..... also, I need to talk about a few other things with you....

    thanks Renee!

  2. I'm interested, but scared :)

  3. Steffany, give me a shout whenever you have time. I can get the grains to you through the guys if you want.

    Tabatha, I totally understand because I was hesitant too. I've learned that making it is totally easy and even if you want to stop making it, you've only invested a cup or two of milk in the process. :) I'll get in touch the next time I'm headed your way if that's okay!

  4. Sounds good, Renee. Thanks!