Wednesday, February 10

CSA Delivery #6

I was so ready for our delivery this time because I had run out of bread. After two attempts at making my own with the ingredients I had on hand, I had to buy commercial bread since I was having a several kids over on two different days. Wow, even the best whole wheat/fewest ingredients kind didn't even taste like the same kind of food as the Amish-baked loaves. (I now have some whole wheat bread flour for the next time I run out.)

Anyway, we got many of the same yummies we usually do but it was definitely a green bean and pork share. We got five jars of beans and four different forms of pork – chops, roasts, sausage links and chubs. Funny, too, because I was almost out of beans and I had been special ordering sausage every other time because the kids love it so much. It was nice to get so much of those in our regular share. 

Others things we received were chicken breasts, ribeye steaks, eggs, banana and blueberry muffins, whole wheat bread, garlic bread, whole wheat fettucini, cornmeal, crabapple preserves, hot pickled okra (which my husband just loves), stewed tomatoes and corn. I also added two packages of beef soup bones this time. I'm becoming addicted to making bone broths!! 

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  1. I can't believe you got crabapple preserves.... I just made some jelly from a neighbor's crabapples (with permission, by the way), right after Julia was born in October......