Tuesday, February 9

Motivation Monday - 5

Boy, a couple of days with sketchy internet service do not make for easy blogging. So, here I am playing catch-up...

Did you try last week's workout? Quick but grueling, huh? When you're short on time, go back to that one. Keep a record of how many cycles you can do. It's fun to watch the number increase!

In each week's workout post, I will link to a exercise glossary post. As new moves appear in the workouts, you will find written descriptions there. Photos and illustrations have proven way too time-consuming for the moment. If you have questions, please just ask!

I'm beginning to include some exercises that require small dumbbells. These are not too expensive and are easy to find. Improvisation works, too!

Week 5

Three sets of the following, circuit-style:

Dead Bug Reach – 20
Side Plank – 30 sec hold
Reverse Curl – 20
Pushup – 15
Glute Bridge – 12 slow, 12 sec hold, 12 slow
Burpee – 20
Plank Row – 15 ea side
Side Lunge – 15 ea side
Burpee – 20
Bicep Curl – 15
Single-Leg (SL) Squat – 8-12 ea side
Burpee – 15


  1. That darn internet service...Boy, have I missed you! :)

  2. thank YOU for all your positive comments! :)