Monday, February 1

Eat From The Pantry Week

Lots of beautiful snow and a house on the cold side of the hill has rendered me home-bound for the past four days. Not a bad thing, mind you, but the more days the kids are out of school this week, the fewer I have to do my normal tasks.

Today, I decided to mark the grocery off my to-do list by declaring it Eat-From-The-Pantry Week. Thanks to the home-canned veggies and frozen meats from the CSA and dry goods from the bulk bins at our natural grocery, there's plenty of food around here. Besides, creative cooking is so much fun!

Tonight, we had what my husband calls 'Mulligan stew'. I tossed some veggies leftover from last night's dinner, ground beef, a few handfuls of pasta and a quart of stewed tomatoes into a big pot. During my trusty choose-spices-based-on-my-mood routine, I learned that it is indeed possible to use too much oregano. Not to worry, a little onion brought things back into balance and the simmering smells began bringing the kids to the kitchen asking, 'Oooh, what are we having?' 

A few hot, buttered whole grain muffins later, everyone was happy and sated. The kids jumped at the offer to watch Antiques Roadshow and we declared the day a success. 

But I'm still hoping we can get the car out tomorrow...


  1. MMMM! That looks good to me. If only my family would eat it....

  2. i'm not sure how i ended up with kids who will try most anything. i was certainly NOT that way growing up! :)