Monday, February 15

Motivation Monday - 6

Week 6

Plank - 5 sec hold, 2 sec rest. 20x
Reverse curl - 15x
Side plank - each side: 20 sec hold, 8 taps
Do the following circuit 3x:
Plank row* - 15x
Side lunge - 30x alt sides (15 each side)
Burpee - 20x
Lateral tricep pushup - 12x each side
SL (single leg) Glute bridge - 8 fast, 8 sec hold, 8 slow x3
Squat jump - 15x
Lateral raise* - 12x
Lunge - 30x alt sides
Jumping jack - 25x
*Small dumbbells are needed for these. Improvise as necessary.

Find my exercise glossary here


  1. I am still here!

    GREAT glossary. Easy to understand. Was wondering about the BURPEE. Whew, not what I thought.

  2. Great! Glad you're still here and glad it made sense! :)