Tuesday, February 2


I recently purchased some kefir grains from a contact I made through our local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter.

Kefir is drinkable fermented milk made by clumpy-looking bacteria (grains). It is full of antibodies which do wonders for the digestive tract and immune system. It's been used for hundreds of years to treat some rather serious conditions. (Read more here and here.)

Making the drink couldn't be easier. I pour two cups of milk into a glass jar containing the grains. Covered loosely with a cloth napkin, my 'pets' go to their cozy little spot in the pantry where they chow down on lactose. About 24 hours later or when the whey separates, I strain the liquid and store it in the refrigerator. The grains move to a clean jar and the process begins again. The taste is much like Greek yogurt in liquid form –very tart. I mix it 50/50 with orange juice and it's delicious!

Reportedly, it helps with sleep disorders. Now, while I don't have an actual sleep disorder, I have developed a nasty habit of waking at four am with a mind that's ready to make a thousand lists of all the world-saving tasks I will accomplish that day. (Uh, right.) As I'm sure you can imagine that that doesn't make for a happy wife and mother come seven pm.

Make your own kefir? Have any recipes? If so, please share!

(NOTE: I won't have enough grains for sharing for a month or two but if you're interested, I'm happy to get you in touch with someone who has some now.)


  1. Would love to try this.... can I buy them somewhere?

  2. i will see if my source has more. if not, i should have enough in two weeks to give you some!

    these have made the most amazing difference in my sleeping habits and my skin is clearer. i can't say enough about them! :)