Wednesday, February 24

CSA Delivery #7

We weren't able to pick up our share on Sunday so I had to wait until today to meet the truck. Once again, we were out of bread and the kids' moaning and groaning about our lack of 'the good bread' was really starting to get to me.

I need to get my carnivorous gears going...we have a freezer stuffed full of meat. Got any favorite beef or pork recipes? I'd love to have some personal recommendations. I have so many cuts I'm unfamiliar with....

Anyway, our share contained:

Chicken - breasts, broilers (two small and two HUGE), beef - four big NY strip steaks, pork - ribs and four blade steaks, whole wheat bread, spaghetti, cinnamon raisin bread, fried cherry pies, eggs, popping corn, apple butter (which has become a favorite around here), peach preserves, stewed tomatoes, corn, green beans and tomato juice (which I will definitely be canning some of this summer – Chuck loves doctoring it up with hot sauce!)

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