Monday, February 1

Motivation Monday - 4

Okay, kids, this one's going to feel different. Set a timer for twenty minutes and do as many rounds of this circuit as possible. No rest so it's a big calorie-burner. GO!

Week 4

20 squats
15 crunches
10 squat jumps 
5 pushups

Squat jumps - Begin in a squat position. Jump straight up as high as you can and land in that same lowered position. You should not be in a standing position at all during the set!

(NOTE: My 'illustrated' exercise glossary is almost complete!)


  1. carrie and did one yesterday but we shoulda done this one! i love the short timed ones...

  2. Well, that definitely got my blood pumping! I had as much fun as I ever do working out! Maybe one day I'll love it as much as you. :)
    Somehow just telling you I was going to do this made me do it. So every day I'm going to let you know what I'm going to do, and then maybe I'll make time for it!!