Thursday, February 18


These days, there aren't many purchases we make that we really value down the road. I'm as guilty of it as anyone. I buy something and several months later realize I never needed it in the first place. So, in my year of thoughtful consumption, I've started looking around as what I have that I truly value. 

Our Klean Kanteens are definitely at the top of the list. I agonized over paying as much as I did for them a few years ago. (As I recall, they were somewhere around $160.) We had decided to stop purchasing bottled water but we're all big water-drinkers so we had to have something to use if we were going to stick to our guns. I did some research and settled on these because they are stainless steel.  
We take them on car trips. I take mine into restaurants so I'm don't have to use a styrofoam/plastic cup. The kids take them to school. I had to get special permission for that after assuring the elementary school administration that my kids wouldn't bring soda/juice in them.
What's really amazing to me is that we've never lost one. (I know I'm jinxing myself...) They may have dents and dings but my husband and I still haul them around like toddlers with their pacifiers. I sometimes wonder why I haven't named mine yet...


  1. Well... you oughta do just that!!!
    Don't have any ideas though. Anything I suggest would be corny :-)


  2. Leon. Mine is named Leon.