Wednesday, March 10

CSA Delivery #8

Only two more deliveries in the winter season! It has been a great experience for us but I'm ready for fresh food that will be used quickly. It'll be nice to have a break from the storing and rotating so many things.

This week, there are some new things in the mix...

Chicken breasts, ground beef, chuck roasts, pork roasts, bacon, pork blade steaks, whole wheat and rye breads, cupcakes, fettucini, cornmeal, popping corn, chow chow, green beans, corn, tomatoes, tomato juice, muscadine jelly, saurkraut and sorghum.

And if my vegetarian tendencies aren't clear enough, witness the chaos that is my freezer. Front to back it's nearly all meat -- in fact, the only things in there that aren't are some leftover veggies for soup and 7 pints of chicken stock (in the door). I can't even use my ice maker right now.

I've got to get busy using some of this. Of course, what I'd love to do is some freezer cooking but that's nothing short of a punch line at this point. Can't wait for my post-renovations deep freezer purchase!

Clearly, we won't need the 'family portion' of meat from the CSA next year. I was worried that the regular portion wouldn't be enough for five but that's obviously not the case.


  1. You can clear out a lot of space AND save money by cooking that meat for those wonderful animals who protect and bring you happiness. Then there would be a lot more room for powdered-sugar donuts!
    (What vegetarian tendencies?)