Tuesday, March 9

Garden 2010

Because of our renovations, I had planned to not expand our garden this year. For this reason, I had decided to purchase plants as opposed to starting seeds since I wouldn't be growing a lot of any one thing.

However, now that I've talked to the excavator about extensive regrading, I'm realizing that I'm going to have SO much loosened soil that would be SO easy to add amendments to! I feel dizzy at the thought of how much work that would save me.

Plus, I see Carrie's happy little seeds sprouting and I want to do something now!

I have lots of seeds from last year (which lowers this year's costs - yay!) so I started some today. I'm a little anxious about the work I'm setting myself up for but I know it will be a stress reliever to be out in the garden. Plus, the kids will want to help so I may even give them each their own plot to tend.

I'm unsure but forging ahead!!

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