Saturday, March 20

Spring Break

I'll be back to my normal blogging rhythm next week when school starts back. It's been a productive but relaxing week.

What I've been doing (instead of blogging):

  • Cleaning everything out of the basement to get it ready for construction. Almost done!

  • Playing games with the kids. I'm not always good at seizing the moment so I've made it a point to stop being 'busy' and sit down with them every day.  

  • Lots of baking and cooking. 

  • Dumping warm laundry on my kids on the cool mornings we've had. This is one of our favorite little habits. I love that they love this so much. If I call from the basement, "Everybody on the couch", they know what it means and go running. Any other time they would insist that there isn't enough room on the couch for three people.
  • Sewing these little blankets and napkins.

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