Tuesday, March 16

I Haven't Disappeared...

It's my kids' spring break and there are so many card games to be played. :)

Plus, things are getting quite busy with the upcoming house renovations. I'm learning that every time I step outside to meet with the supervisor and subs, at least two hours somehow passes before I come back in. Not that I mind, of course. I'm learning  a lot about drainage, excavation and moving dirt around in general. It will be fun to post before and after pictures! 

I will do my best to write a 'real' post tomorrow. 

(Thanks to Tabatha for keeping me honest here. It's nice to be missed!) :)


  1. I'm glad you have disappeared! I can't wait to see your before and after pictures. It's going to be so cool!!

  2. Spring break is for having fun! Glad you can spend some time playing cards and such! Also looking forward to the before and after pics!