Wednesday, March 24

CSA Delivery #9

I don't have a photo this time. We picked up our share Sunday but had to put it right away as we had company coming. It wouldn't look much different from any of the other photos anyway. 

We received chicken - broilers and breasts, beef - summer sausage and a whopping 5 lb brisket, pork - chops and ham steaks, eggs, sourdough bread, brownies, whole wheat bread, corn meal, egg noodles, apple butter, apple jelly, blueberry jelly, green beans, corn, saurkraut, sorghum, stewed tomatoes and tomato juice. 

We only have one Winter Season delivery left. We'll have a break for a few weeks before the Summer Season starts. I know it will be a challenge to make sure we use it all but I can't wait for weekly fresh veggies!

If you're interested in joining a CSA, you can check out the one we use or find one that suits your needs at

Finally, I just have to show you our CSA bacon. It is crazy big - eight slices to a pound! The taste is incredible (and I'm not a bacon fan) and the grease is the clearest I've ever seen. Regrettably, I didn't save it from the first package I cooked. 

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  1. I have a couple at home that would tear that bacon up!