Monday, March 8

Here We Go..

I'm taking a break from posting workouts on Mondays. If anyone misses them, please speak up! :)

Today, I met with our contractor and several subs. This house renovation thing is becoming more real. I am ready!

Here's what we have planned:

  • Finishing our basement to add an additional bath, two more bedrooms and a kids 'hang out' space
  • A two-level addition. The upper level will be a great room and a dining room. The lower level will be a new laundry room, a workshop and, most exciting to me, a below-ground cold storage room! This will be home to root vegetables, my home canned goods and, at long last, a deep freezer.
  • Enlarged decking for entertaining space
  • Regrading of our yard
  • Clearing trees for additional parking as well as for more sunlight for vegetable gardening. Dare I hope that a chicken coop is in my future?! :) 
I am both excited and scared. We do need the extra space and look forward to hosting larger groups in our home but spending this kind of money is frightening, especially in times like these. Maybe it will give a few more men a bit more job security. That's what I choose to believe anyway...


  1. That's going to be so cool for you guys!! I hope it all goes well.

  2. Hey ! Thanks for stopping by my blog ! Looks like you've got some exciting things planned !! Good luck with your additions !!

  3. Chicken? I could eat some chicken.