Friday, January 1

Welcome! (And Wish Me Luck)

1I have long been frustrated by blogging, more specifically, my ability to keep up with it. As a result of some welcome changes in my life, I have decided to resume posting on a different (not additional!) domain.

The first change is a very happy one -- for the first time in my years of motherhood, I am just a stay-at-home-mom. Since my first child was born, I have been extraordinarily blessed with interesting and financially-rewarding part-time jobs that have allowed me to stay at home with my kids. However, I have often wondered what it would feel like to be able to focus solely on my duties as a wife and mother. Over the years we have become less and less dependent on my earnings to make ends meet. With the amount of driving my last profession (as a personal trainer) required, we realized that the time and fuel costs of that commute really ate into my paycheck. While our children are all in school and increasingly independent, we see these precious years with them going by so fast and have decided to try to focus all the energies we possibly can on these three precious gifts God has given us.

Another change, albeit a very distant second in terms of importance, is that we finally have a broadband internet connection. My first couple of years of blogging, the time it took me to post was just ridiculous.  Couple that with the frustration I experienced while trying to read news, research anything or check out other blogs online and it became all too easy to procrastinate posting anything.

So, here I find myself with a new blog to replace the old. While I love sharing news and photos of my kids with family and friends, putting all that rather personal information 'out there' for anyone to see periodically made me quite uneasy. (Plus, my older two children began shying away from any photos or videos for fear I'd put it on the blog where 'all my friends will see it!!')

I don't expect that I will never post pics of my kids, but I want to focus the blog on things that bounce around in this head of mine and allow them to worry about social implosion from some other source. Thanks for reading!!


  1. yeah!!! i hope you have a post coming up about goals for 2010. seems like you have lots of plans in store!!!

  2. Glad you're going to post again. We applaud your goals. We're proud of your decision to be at home and take care of everything there.
    There will be more stars in your than ever before!!!
    Love y'all
    Dad & Mom

  3. I'm glad you haven't lost the urge to blog. I look forward to what you have to say and I'm glad you can finally focus completely on Chuck and the kids. There is a truck load of happiness coming your way!

  4. Thanks so much for including less is more (balanced) no your blog roll! Love this concept of keeping away from the Joneses. Very clever!