Sunday, January 17

Motivation Monday - 2

It has been suggested that I post some photos to demonstrate form and I agree that more direction is needed (but don't hold your breath on any videos!) Photos will definitely take some time but I'll at least have some illustrations next week.

With that in mind, I'm going to postpone the workout I had planned to post today and just build on last week's workout.

Week 2

Warm up with five 45-second sets of jumping jacks with 15-seconds rest between sets.

Go through the following circuit twice:
Crunch - Do eight and hold the eighth for 8 seconds. Repeat four times (for one set.)
Glute bridge* - Do eight slow (3 counts up, 3 counts down) immediately followed by eight fast (up, down, up, down.) As above, repeat four times through (for one set.)
Jumping jacks - 45 seconds
Pushup - 10-12 reps
Jumping jacks - 45 seconds
Alternating lunge - 12 each side
Jumping jacks - 45 seconds

*Basic movement (not the progressions) as shown in video.

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