Monday, January 4

Go Cowboys!!

Hey, have you heard??? The Dallas Cowboys are the new NFC East Champs!!

The last two games have been especially sweet for me because I've worn the jersey my daughter, E, gave me for Christmas. She paid for it with her own money. I felt so guilty at first because it's an expensive gift, especially for an 11-year-old. She had her mind made up, though...

"What's the point of me buying you and Daddy presents with your money? That's just weird, Mommy."

Of course, that threw my other two kids into a panic. They apparently don't think it's weird at all. Or at least not too weird for them to get past...with all their cash safely stashed away.

Of course, from a mother's perspective, it matters not who pays for the gift a child gives or whether the offering costs anything at all. It's the bouncing around for days ahead of time in anticipation of their choices being revealed and the expectant watchfulness on their sweet little faces on Christmas morning. To see your children grow from self-centered toddlers into such thoughtful givers is truly magical.

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