Monday, January 18

Some New Pups Made My Day

No, I'm not getting a new puppy. That's the last thing we need but, nevertheless, the birth of some little German Shepards blessed me today.

This morning, I left the house for a run and a workout, then met C and the kids for dentist appointments and lunch together. Just your average togetherness kind of day, right?

The stress came as we returned home and I remembered that I had totally missed an appointment with the dog trainer. I felt so bad that she drove all the way out to our house to find no one home. UGH!

My mind immediately started down that how-could-you-be-such-an-idiot path. So unproductive. Nobody's perfect but, somehow, I really do expect myself to be. (Note to self: stop that.)

I came inside and checked the messages (cringing) before calling the trainer. I had two messages from her. Not annoyed ones, though. Her dog had gone into labor this morning and she needed to reschedule. Woohoo!!

When I reached her, we both laughed at how much we had been stressing about how our own circumstances had affected the other.

I share this because this is the second time in as many weeks that this scenario has played out -- me nearly losing it because I failed in some completely human, unintentional way only to see the situation resolve itself without my oversight inconveniencing the other party. It really makes me think about how much we all pressure ourselves and how that is inversely proportional to our expectations of and ability to forgive each other.

Life really is good when we (okay, I) let it be.

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