Thursday, January 7

My 2010 Aspirations

My primary reason for jumping back into the blog world was that I really want a chronicle of the year ahead. With more time to devote to home and family, I want to challenge myself in several areas. Here are my goals for 2010...

Eat more local food -- I have no illusions of being able to go completely local because a world without avocados is not one I would really enjoy. So what I can't buy locally-grown, I will strive to purchase from a locally-owned store.
Cook fearlessly -- I already love all aspects of feeding my family. However, just a few weeks into the winter CSA program, I've already prepared several new foods and/or meals. I am so fortunate to have children who share my enthusiasm for new foods and I believe that diversity in our diet is a very good thing.
Reduce our sugar intake -- This doesn't mean no sugar. I'm not sure I could do that long term and wouldn't impose such a harsh rule on my kids but I can influence our interpretation of 'sweet.' A couple of years ago, we moved away from refined (white) sugar but I'm very interested in trying some natural options that I just haven't had time for in the past.
Learn to sew -- eeek! I'm intimidated just thinking about this one but it can't be that hard can it??
Reduce consumption overall -- Thinking of the Reduce/Reuse/Recyle slogan, I want to focus more on the reduce part. Buying less just makes a lot of sense on so many levels.
Full disclosure - I recently found myself washing aluminum foil...I mean half the time it doesn't even touch food but just covers it. Honestly, I can't decide if I'm weird for doing it or a slug for throwing so much away in the past. Thoughts?? :)
Increase our family fitness time -- My husband and I spend lots of time and energy working out but I'm feel we don't plan enough fun play time as a family. That's gonna change! I vowed to make this the first goal I tackled so on our first day back from holiday trips, I took the kids to the climbing gym.
Start playing the piano again -- My hubby surprised me with a piano several years ago and my parents spent a lot of hard-earned money on lessons (more than several) years ago. I want to put those gifts to good use.
Run a 50K trail race -- I'm so excited about this one. With my past road running injury, I'll likely never run a traditional marathon but would like to challenge myself with a long-distance event.


  1. i have 12 new year goals and 2 of them include eating local 1x week and recycling! check out nashville for the list of eat out local places. some friends and i ate at PM last night. burgers & sushi = yum!

    i can already tell i won't stick with recycling.

    if you find a sewing class, lemme know! i think i could do that better than knitting

  2. These sound great, Renee! I have to admit that I have "eat more local food and put up more garden food for the winter" as one of my goals as well. I felt like I wasted some of my garden goodies this past year and we have a good farmer's market for what I don't grow. I even have the canners and jars to do it, but I didn't make the time. Local just tastes better. Good luck and don't forget to keep everyone posted during the year on your progress. :)