Thursday, January 14

Great Resource!

Yesterday, I stopped by a store recommended to me by Carrie called The Green Wagon. If you're local to Nashville or to shop online, look them up here!

They carry a wide variety of earth-friendly products, some of which I haven't seen elsewhere. Most products are local but everything else is made in the U.S. There is a singular exception to the U.S. rule which I purchased and will blog about very soon. (oooh, suspense!)

One of the coolest features is the Filling Station where you can purchase products such as shampoo, conditioner, body oil and more by bringing in your own container or buying one of theirs (for use and re-use). They have many home cleaning products as well. The selection was so unique that I was a bit overwhelmed trying to take in so many new options. I bought a few and you'll be hearing about them soon!

Normally, I'm a bit hesitant to 'bother' store help. I like to understand new things, especially when I'm spending money and some employees just don't care to educate. Well, that is certainly not the case at the Green Wagon. I had a very inspiring conversation with Jonathan who owns the store with his wife, Jennifer. For every product I looked at, he was able to give me personal recommendations and ideas. I must say that that is my favorite reason to shop at small businesses -- you come in contact with people who make a living at something they are truly passionate about.

I must admit, I care a lot about the 'green' movement but find that my mind can be spinning with ways to do things better and 'greener' while my kids try to break through my musings with pleas for food and clean clothes. Not good...

And this is where Jonathan, thus the attitude of the store, really impressed me. I didn't feel like there was any lack of knowledge which I could express that would bring an incredulous "how could you not have made that change seven years ago?" look to his face.

And isn't that what the willingness to teach that will truly change the world?


  1. "ooh suspense!"

    It's the Canadian salsa, isn't it?

    Wait. Did I just give it away?

  2. ha ha, but at least you read my silly little blog, dear.