Sunday, January 10

This Week's Workout

As promised, here's a workout! It's not a long one for two, if you haven't been exercising, this will allow you to develop great form on everything you're doing rather than overwhelming you with a bunch of exercises. Secondly, a shorter routine will hopefully be easier to work into your schedule. Good luck!

I want these posts to be short and easy to read so I'm bouncing around some different ways of linking to exercise descriptions. I'll just make do this week and edit this when I decide on something!

It's up to you to know what you can do in terms of any past injuries or surgery but the things I post here will be fairly basic but increasingly challenging as the year passes.

Week One

20 crunches
20 alternating lunges
20 squats

Do three sets of each with 30-60 seconds rest between each set. 

Crunch: Lie on the floor. Hands at your sides, hovering just above the floor. Slow crunches (not a sit-up), two counts up two counts down.
Lunge: Stand with hands on hips. Step out (heel hits first) and drop hips straight down so that both knees are at ninety degrees. Return by pushing through the heel of the forward foot (so toe comes up first.)
Squat: Stand with feet hip width apart. (It's not as far as you think, so check yourself!) Lower hips as if you're about to sit down. Work on doing this without leaning your torso forward -- shoulders should stay above your feet. Return to standing, pushing your weight through your heels.