Thursday, January 28


You've most likely heard about the suspected links between breast cancer and shaving/antiperspirant use. It's a hotly disputed issue but there's nothing like having a young girl in the house to get a mother looking furiously into options.

Now, if you're thinking this is a 'too much information' issue, then I'm sorry. What I find really irritating is the disparity of options available to women and men. There are many non-antiperspirant options for men, but unless you're a girl who doesn't mind walking around smelling like 'Arctic Blast', 'Game Day' or 'Rugged Backwoods Logger Dude', you are left with the unlovely option of clogging every pore in your little armpits with a variety of chemicals.

So far, the best option I've found is a deodorant made by J/A/S/O/N. It 'performs' much, much better than Tom's of Maine and other 'natural' brands I've tried. There are also some crystal stick products that work well but were too 'weird' for my pre-teens to get on board with. ('But I can't take that to my sleepover. My friends will laugh!")

Sometimes I just don't have the energy for the 'well, then, are they really your friends' speech. It is, after all, just deodorant and my main concern is that they use it.


  1. I've just bought the deodorant crystal. (although i usually don't wear deodorant at all!) TMI?

  2. Renee, thanks for sharing! I have been concerned about this for some time because of the link of aluminum to Alzheimers. Well, with this pregnancy, I tried Tom's and it was a horrible experience. I smelled terrible for a week before giving it up. I'll try Jason brand and see what it does!

  3. oh, P.S. Where did you get it?
    Jenny Brown

  4. carrie, if i can talk about stinky armpits then you can certainly talk about you non-stinky ones! :)

    jenny, i have found it at whole body (next to whole foods) and at the green hills kroger. when i find it, i tend to buy 4-5 so i don't have to hunt it down often. :)
    you can also go to the jason website to see if there's somewhere closer to you.